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Eggs Available!

We have eggs for sale laid by our organically fed heritage chickens at our roadside stand @ 4316 Clam Bay Road. Call ahead to ensure availability! 250.629.6934.

Week 21

Where does the time go… only 1 week left in the box programme.  It’s been a challenging but satisfying season. I’d be lying if I said I was sad to see it drawing to a close but I will miss the focus that it brings.. that and the satisfaction of growing good food and providing it to appreciative customers.

We’re looking forward to seeing y’all next Sunday for the Havest Potluck so we can thank you more directly and give thanks for a productive and tasty season!

Full Share Box: Dragon-tongue beans; salad mix; tomatoes; Chioggia beets; 1 large bunch Napoli carrots; 1 pattipan squash; 1 Japanese cucumber; and 1 mini cucumber.

Partial Share Box: Dragon-tongue beans; small bunch Chioggia beets; tomatoes; Mokum carrots; and 1 Japanese cucumber.

Week 20

Full Share Box: Dragon-tongue beans; Napoli carrots; Chioggia beets; 2 boxes of tomatoes; 1/2 a cabbage; 1 pattipan squash; and a Japanese cucumber.

Partial Share Box: 2 boxes of tomatoes; 1 Carmen sweet pepper, 1 mini cucumber; and Dragon-tongue beans.

Week 19

Full Share Box: 1.5 lbs Dragon-tongue beans; salad mix; tomatoes; 1 Carmen sweet pepper; large pattipan squash; 1 Japanese cucumber; 1 mini cucumber; and 1 bulb Fish Lake garlic.

Partial Share Box: Salad mix; 1 lb. Dragon-tongue beans; 1 small box of tomatoes; 2 mini cucumbers; and 1 pattipan squash.

Week 18

Full Share Box: 1 lb. Dragon-tongue beans; 1 lb. green beans; tomatoes; Carmen sweet pepper; 1 lb. German butterball potatoes; Napoli carrots; 2 Japanese cucumbers; and a mini cucumber.

Partial Share Box: 1 lb. filet beans; tomatoes; 1 Japanese cucumber; 1 mini cucumber; and 1 bulb of Fish Lake garlic.

Fresh Produce Available from the Farm

We now have tomatoes, long-english cucumbers and beans available fresh from the farm.

Please call 250.629.6934 or email hopebayfarm@shaw.ca to place an order.

This Saturday morning – the day of our Fall Fair – we will be hosting an Open (Green)house across the street from the Community Hall. Come see what we’ve been up to for the past 5 months!

We will also have fresh produce – including garlic! – for sale.

Week 13

“Hi folks! Due to an unanticipated commitment this coming week’s boxes will be ready on Sunday July 24th (unless you hear otherwise). I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience. You’re welcome to pick them up at the usual time on Monday.”

It turns out the meeting was cancelled so we took the opportunity to take some time out and went and saw the new Harry Potter film in Sidney as a family!

Here’s this what’s on the menu this week. A bit more variety as the warm weather crops (slowly) come on.

Full Share Box: Salad greens; chard; lacinato kale; Hakurei turnips; summer squash; 3 mini cucs; basil; 'eatible' flowers and carrots.

Partial Share Box: Salad greens; Hakurei turnips; 1 baby summer squash; a long-English cuc; and carrots.

First Tomatoes of the Season!


They’re (finally!) happening.

Week 9

Happy Summer! Now only if we could have summer temperatures… No worries, thanks to the polyhouses we are able to provide some summer crops ahead of schedule.

This week we have a number of new items: curly garlic scapes and long english cucumbers. We still have a store of new potatoes and of course, our ever-present salad greens. As the weather warms (we hope) we should be bringing you other new and delicious items.

Take care and eat well,

Farmer D

Full Share Box: Salad greens; new potatoes; rainbow chard; minicor carrots; garlic scapes; Genovese basil; and 1 tasty green cucumber.

Partial Share Box: Salad greens; new potatoes; garlic scapes; and 2 tasty green cucumbers.

Tomato Plant Sale – Pender Island June 4th Market

Pender Islands Farmers’ Market

We will be at the market  this Saturday with produce, eggs, Icelandic wool and food plants (basil and tomatoes) for sale.


1 for $2  or 2 for $3  or 4 for $5

Yellow Taxi (bush)

Sun Gold (cherry, vine) – lots

Black Cherry (cherry, vine)

Yellow Pear (cherry, vine)

Gold Nugget (cherry, bush) lots

Washington Cherry (cherry, bush)

Alecante (vine)

Druzba (vine)

Amish Paste (roma, vine)

Orange Flamme (vine)

Ardwena (roma, vine)

For more info on these varieties visit Hope Bay’s 2011 Tomato List