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Eggs Available!

We have eggs for sale laid by our organically fed heritage chickens at our roadside stand @ 4316 Clam Bay Road. Call ahead to ensure availability! 250.629.6934.

Moving Chickens

For the first time in seven years (basically since we’ve been on the farm), chickens have been moved outside of the main crop producing area. After rotating them around to improve our poor soils we have finally reached the point at which we can now amend the soils with compost and composted manure.

Tim preparing to move one of our semi-portable, chicken 'apartments.'

The scruffy appearance of ground that has supported 20 - 30 chickens for a period of a year. Total depth of accumulated organic matter over that time is about 8 - 10 inches.

Fortunately the move wasn’t a great distance as the coops are a bit awkward and heavy (when full of chickens) to move. Not very portable but they are very mink proof – due to their 3′ elevation above the ground.

Chicken apartment in transit.

Chicken apartment in new location. Netting prevents ravens from stealing eggs from the nest boxes, which are located in the coop.