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Farm Work

Late Haying

What a crazy year! It’s almost August and we still haven’t finished our first cut.


First Tomatoes of the Season!


They’re (finally!) happening.

String Theory

Spent the greater part of the day stringing up tomato plants in the big greenhouse. Thank goodness we had some patient helpers!

Emae and Stevey-Dude Chef Guy struggling to tame their respective sisal and wire monsters!

Freshly strung tomato plants.

Getting ‘er Done

Spent the day working with Matilda at our plot on Waitara Farm. The wet spring has prevented us from doing much cultivation so it was pretty weedy. At the end of a long day it was very satisfying to see the progress we had made. That’s one of the satisfying aspects of farming – physical transformation as a direct result of effort spent.


Greenhouse Boxes Are Filled


Finished topping up the boxes today with soil. All that remains left to do is planting them up and “plugging” in the irrigation.

Getting ‘er Done

The daily to do list...

Good day to day. Got a lot of things crossed off the list, which is always nice! Heat bench in the (clean!) propagation house is full of seeded trays (thx Matilda!) . The 2 polyhouses are mostly planted. The tool shed has been cleaned and organized (thx Tim!). Next week, weather permitting, we’ll start planting some cool-loving crops outside.

The daily to do list...

The ‘ol BCS Will Never Die

Our old BCS' tiller box removed from the tractor body.

Spent some time today tinkering with our old BCS walk-behind tractor (you may recall it died at the beginning of the season last year). Turns out the tiller box is still in good working order so we cab use it on the new Grillo walk-behind tractor we’re purchasing from Earthtools.

The clever folks at BCS designed the housing of their tillers to allow for expansion of the tines. So not only can we reuse the old tiller but we can also make it wider so that it covers the larger and wider tracks of the new machine. Gotta love Italian ingenuity!

Sister Root Cellar

Chickens at Work on the Farm III

Just a few short weeks since moving the chickens, the rye catch crop begins to emerge.


The weeds – they never seem to stop growing. In our polytunnels it’s essential that we stay on top of them. Today we were blessed by the presence of Anna, Tim and Ayla who provided a much needed hand. We’re excited to welcome Anna and her family to the farm. They will be providing us with some much needed (and appreciated!) help over the next 6 months.