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Green Dream

Spent the evening in Victoria so I could attend Elizabeth May‘s first speech as a Green MP Elect. It was inspiring. The residents of Saanich Gulf Islands have sent a true leader to Ottawa. With our help I believe she could be a transformative presence on the Hill. Go to http://livestre.am/MFBE to view a video of the event. Speeches start at the 10 min. mark.


How We Deal with Post Election Blues on Our Farm

Apart from being bouyed Elizabeth May’s decisive win in our riding (go, go Green Power!), the rise of the NDP and celebrating Michelle’s birthday, I was incredibly depressed by yesterday’s election results.

This morning in an effort to repurpose abandoned election flotsam for good, I gathered election signs.We will eventually transform their heavy wire frames into wickets, which we use to elevate protective remay covers above our crops during the cooler fall and winter months.

Freshly gathered bag-type signs - it's the wire wicket frames we're after.

Transformed election signs (from the previous federal election) that have been rebent and shortened so that they straddle a 36" wide bed.

Repurposed election signs keeping the remay covers above and off of winter planted carrots.