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How We Deal with Post Election Blues on Our Farm

Apart from being bouyed Elizabeth May’s decisive win in our riding (go, go Green Power!), the rise of the NDP and celebrating Michelle’s birthday, I was incredibly depressed by yesterday’s election results.

This morning in an effort to repurpose abandoned election flotsam for good, I gathered election signs.We will eventually transform their heavy wire frames into wickets, which we use to elevate protective remay covers above our crops during the cooler fall and winter months.

Freshly gathered bag-type signs - it's the wire wicket frames we're after.

Transformed election signs (from the previous federal election) that have been rebent and shortened so that they straddle a 36" wide bed.

Repurposed election signs keeping the remay covers above and off of winter planted carrots.


  1. Sue Stroud says:

    Signs belong to the people who paid for them Derek. I find this very disappointing of you. We collect them back in and save the wood and wires for next time as they are very expensive. Yes it takes a few days, sometimes even 2 weeks to get them all after all they didn’t all get set up in one night. Please don’t steal anymore signs. By the way this was brought to my attention by several different facebook folks…

  2. Derek says:

    Sue, before jumping to conclusions and making serious accusations, perhaps you would like to hear the facts. For the record, I did not steal any election signs. The signs in the photo were given to me by folks from the respected parties who are/were responsible for collecting them up. In the past I have also received sign frames from our recycling establishment after they had been deposited by party officials. I’m glad to hear that some – like Elizabeth May – are collecting and storing their signs with the thought of reusing them in the future.

  3. Michael Sanbreen says:

    Neither of the parties in the photo authorized the pick up of the signs by you. I checked with their campaign offices. They were collecting them to re-use in future elections, as Sue said. However, the Liberals said that at least they aren’t being wasted. You should check in the future.

  4. Derek says:

    Michael, thank’s for taking the time to look into this. I’m happy to give them back as I would rather they were used for their original intention. Perhaps you can ask them to pick them up. You might also suggest that they inform their local sign crews of their policies.



  5. Michael Sanbreen says:

    Not a problem. According to Elections Canada this could be an RCMP matter, so I would suggest you return them to the party or the RCMP for collection.

  6. recycler says:

    Great idea Derek!
    Wild that people would freak out and accuse you of theft and threaten to call the cops! At the recycle there is always a huge pile of the signs after elections. Some campaigns collect them up for reuse but repurposing is better than recycling. Meanwhile some of these folks should maybe get a life! Beisdes the RCMP will be busy locking up folks with 5 or more pot plants on their back 40 and have not time for major crimes like repurposing signs that have been handed over by campaign folks, picked up at the recycle or resold on Ebay. Sheesh!
    I will contact you in a couple of months looking for some carrots.

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