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The Galiano Community Food Program’s Nettlefest 2011

Co-program Coordinator, Janice Oakley introducing the Galiano Community Food Program to Local Trustees at the March 2011 Islands Trust Council Meeting on Galiano Island.

The Galiano Community Food Program is the inspiring and, in their words, the “funky offspring” of the Galiano Club, a local organization founded in 1924 to: encourage social activity; foster agricultural interest; form a public library; and build a public hall to be used for the above three purposes. Established by the Club in 2008, the Community Food Program has been organizing and leading great food-related activities and projects on Galiano. It is an inspiration to other food and agriculture-focused groups and organization in the Islands Trust archipelago.

On April 3rd they host their 4th annual Nettlefest, a not-to-be-missed event featuring the health-infused, prickly plant that hikers and gardeners love and loathe. Come one and all to this unique Gulf Island happening!

Nettlefest 2011

Image courtesy the Galiano Community Food Program

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