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Homemade “Quik” Hoops in Action

We put our recently built home-made tube bender to the test, bending a number of 10′ 1/2″ dia electrical conduit to form the rigid framework for a series of short, 2 bed-wide remay tunnels.  To reduce costs we “laced” the bent galvanized conduit with weaker (and cheaper) UV stabilized 1/2″ PVC conduit (the darker grey hoops in the 1st photograph). The tunnels have been planted with a variety of cool-weather crops including: 3 types of mizuna, mibuna, salad turnips, radish, arugula and transplanted spinach starts.

"Quik" hoop framework over recently prepared and planted beds.

Spinach transplants under the hoops.

The hoop frames covered with 4m wide remay. The seeded hoops have an additional remay blanket lying on top of the soil for extra warmth.

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