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Snakes in a Polyhouse! (thanks to Josh Volk)

Yesterday I received a call from my friend Josh Volk, who normally farms in Portland but is on a self described busman’s holiday in California visiting and  –  I presume – working on organic farms. During the course of the call he let it slip that he was enjoying – no I think his exact words were “basking in” – the first sunshine of his rainy trip. I jokingly requested that he send some sunshine or at least dry weather our way. Well apparently Josh  has some pull with the Big Guy. Because less that 24 hours later, the clouds parted over little Pender Island and out came the sun. Thank you Josh! Keep ‘er coming!!

Thanks to Josh and his gift of sunshine we caught a glimpse of the first Thamnophis ordinoides (Northwestern Garter Snake) of the season in one of the polyhouses this afternoon – another one of our local tell-tale signs of spring.

Thamnophis ordinoides (Northwestern Garter Snake).


  1. Well, if it’s Josh we owe the thanks to for the sunshine, then I’m all for showing the appreciation. It was so great to see the clouds part ways today…great shot of your little snakey friend there…Theresa

  2. Derek says:

    Spoke too soon! What a wet day. I guess Josh just got lucky.

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