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Eggs Available!

We have eggs for sale laid by our organically fed heritage chickens at our roadside stand @ 4316 Clam Bay Road. Call ahead to ensure availability! 250.629.6934.

Fresh Produce Available from the Farm

We now have tomatoes, long-english cucumbers and beans available fresh from the farm.

Please call 250.629.6934 or email hopebayfarm@shaw.ca to place an order.

This Saturday morning – the day of our Fall Fair – we will be hosting an Open (Green)house across the street from the Community Hall. Come see what we’ve been up to for the past 5 months!

We will also have fresh produce – including garlic! – for sale.

Late Haying

What a crazy year! It’s almost August and we still haven’t finished our first cut.


First Tomatoes of the Season!


They’re (finally!) happening.

Swarming Bees

Nice surprise this morning. We discovered that a swarm of bees had taken up residence in one the vacant hives we had stored in the shed. It’s been a year since we have had bees and we miss them. Glad to see them return on their own accord. Hope they stay!


Tomato Plant Sale – Pender Island June 4th Market

Pender Islands Farmers’ Market

We will be at the market  this Saturday with produce, eggs, Icelandic wool and food plants (basil and tomatoes) for sale.


1 for $2  or 2 for $3  or 4 for $5

Yellow Taxi (bush)

Sun Gold (cherry, vine) – lots

Black Cherry (cherry, vine)

Yellow Pear (cherry, vine)

Gold Nugget (cherry, bush) lots

Washington Cherry (cherry, bush)

Alecante (vine)

Druzba (vine)

Amish Paste (roma, vine)

Orange Flamme (vine)

Ardwena (roma, vine)

For more info on these varieties visit Hope Bay’s 2011 Tomato List

String Theory

Spent the greater part of the day stringing up tomato plants in the big greenhouse. Thank goodness we had some patient helpers!

Emae and Stevey-Dude Chef Guy struggling to tame their respective sisal and wire monsters!

Freshly strung tomato plants.

Getting ‘er Done

Spent the day working with Matilda at our plot on Waitara Farm. The wet spring has prevented us from doing much cultivation so it was pretty weedy. At the end of a long day it was very satisfying to see the progress we had made. That’s one of the satisfying aspects of farming – physical transformation as a direct result of effort spent.


Green Dream

Spent the evening in Victoria so I could attend Elizabeth May‘s first speech as a Green MP Elect. It was inspiring. The residents of Saanich Gulf Islands have sent a true leader to Ottawa. With our help I believe she could be a transformative presence on the Hill. Go to http://livestre.am/MFBE to view a video of the event. Speeches start at the 10 min. mark.


Planting Up the Greenhouse

With a little help from our friends – Chef Steve Boudreau from Poets’ Cove, Sam and Steve’s wife Julie – we were able to get most of the planting done in the greenhouse. Just in time – so it seems – as the weather appears to be improving. All that’s left now is putting in irrigation and filling in a few remaining gaps with peppers and melons. I may also build just one more bed to accommodate some Picolino cucumbers that we couldn’t fit in…

Proud Papa Steve

Chef Steve and Sam from Poets' Cove pose with the tomatoes they are planting